Exit Copenhagen

A week from now I will be waking up in min little yellow house at Samsoe with the white fence and the pretty Hollyhocks right outside the window. I can’t wait to have birds singing to my ears in the morning instead of city noise, to walk right out in the garden with my coffee and my newspaper.

The last couple of months has been quite hectic. As PR assistant at Copenhagen Jazz Festival I went to New York in June to promote the festival and in early Juli I had the pleasure of being a host for international journalists at this year’s jazz festival – which was one hell of a party! It was simply the ultimate way to exit my time in Copenhagen.

But here and now I’m busy packing my little shoe box sized apartment down and saying goodbye to all my sweet friends. These goodbye meetings tends to get somewhat emotional and yes it is perhaps a bit hysterically – after all it is only a 4 hours drive (and some water) that is going to separate us – but since we are used to meet and follow each others doings on an almost daily basis, that is definitely about to change.

Anyway I am pretty sure I will soon develop a whole bunch of new and inspiring friendships at Samsoe.


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