Rural challenges of attracting new residents

While the storm out side is almost tearing my little house apart – and believe me there’s a good reason why Samsø is big on wind energy – I am wondering about the challenges of attracting more residents to Samsø.

Samsø definitely has a lot to offer: Sense of community, nature, cozy little villages, a perfect environment for children, friendly people, fresh products and cheap houses – you can by a family house for half the prize of a similar house in the big city areas!

But of course the lack of job opportunities is the prime obstacle in attracting new residents or prevent them from leaving again. Like in any other rural district the question of how to create and sustain jobs as well as creating an attractive environment for new businesses to establish themselves is crucial. In addition being an island and surrounded by water Samsø has specific infrastructural disadvantages.

A a new observer in this field I am still only trying to watch and learn and obviously I don’t have qualified answers on how to deal with those challenges yet.