Pics from Samsoe IIII


Well maybe a little scared actually..

Just returned  from a nice evening with a good friend eating sushi and drinking white wine. On the 15 minutes ride on my bike back home through the streets of Copenhagen I suddenly realized this: The friends I hopefully meet at Samsoe and are hanging out with on an evening like this is not necessarily living just around the corner.

And I don’t have a car,  there are no late buses, the road will be pitch black and in winter they will be covered with snow!

For someone with a social need that equals oxygen I wonder how I am going to face that challenge.

My neighbor asked me today if I am scared and I just couldn’t help laughing. But maybe I am a little bit scared after all….

Island Fever

Hi everyone!

In 13 days from now I will start my new life at the small Danish island called Samsoe. And believe me – it’s a VERY big step for me being the incarnated city girl who has been passionately in love with Copenhagen my home for more than twenty years.

But I have decided that the time has come to challenge the urban image and explore new dimensions of life and myself.