The Taste of Samsø

Samsø is known as the larder of Denmark due to its fertile soil and mild climate, with a relatively higher percentage of sunny hours than in the rest of the country. As a result a wide range of high quality fresh vegetables, fruits and berries are grown here and you’ll even find grapes and figs, which are quite rare in a Danish context.

The island is especially known for its excellent potatoes, strawberries, blackcurrants as well as a huge production of pumpkins which adds a spectacular orange glow to the landscape in autumn.

In recent years the many fresh products has inspired a growing number of micro producers in cultivating an array of tasty local specialties like beetroot gastric, rhubarb syrup,  raspberry vinegar, blackcurrant schnapps and different kinds of marmalade. Also worth mentioning is the production of an excellent red vine.

In addition you’ll find locally produced cheese, butter, beer, apple and blackcurrant juice and chocolate.

If you visit Samsø make sure to pay a visit to the Old Merchant’s House in Ballen where Lars is selling all the specialties from Samsø


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